CASC supports an interdisciplinary and sustainable arts sector.

CASC works with culture makers and their funders and associated government agencies to facilitate critical impact and meaningful value for both the internal and the external stakeholders they serve.

CASC offers tailored expertise with a global perspective for each individual client, focusing on their unique needs. Our approach is savvy, hands-on and is led by robust research and practical solutions.

CASC was founded by Janine Dijkmeijer, Lobke Nabuurs and Claudia Laenen. After working as teammates for 5+ years at Nederlands Dans Theatre and collaborating on multiple independent projects, they had a collective desire to deepen their unified approach to advancing the cultural sector and the performing arts field. 

CASC is in the business of challenge and opportunity.   

Strategic &
Business Consulting

Planning and Implementation
Digital development
Advise IP and Music rigths
Organizational Restructuring and Benchmarking
Concept Design and Branding
Market and Audience Analysis
Program and Festival Development
Community Engagement
Cultural Policy

Touring  &

Network Development and Introductions
International Sales
Tour Planning
Contract Negotiation
Licensing and Commissions (in-person and digital)
Community Outreach
Marketing and Promotion
Grant Management and Fundraising

Mentorship &

Professional Development
Coaching and Knowledge Sharing
Global Connectivity
Project Supervision
Public Speaking and Facilitation
Exchange of Ideas
If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.
Eckhart Tolle

Artists & Projects

ICK Amsterdam

ICK (International Choreographic Arts Centre), directed by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, is an acclaimed dance platform that produces international dance performances, collaborates with guest artists, and initiates various education and research projects. As the Amsterdam City Company for Contemporary Dance and as the resident company of Theater De Meervaart, ICK contributes to dance development in the city. In the coming years, ICK will work on further expanding the platform.
In 2020 CASC provided advise on digital strategy.

Juliano Nunes

Nunes learned ballet in Rio the Janeiro through a ballet outreach program in the suburbs. Nunes is an internationally acclaimed dancer, who has worked with leading choreographers all over the world, learning also to deliver his own creative ideas to the stage and leave an impact, pushing the boundaries of dance to spark a sense of fantasy and newfound curiosity in others.
Since 2019 CASC works as an agent and manager.

chuthis. - Peter Chu

chuthis. creates creates viscerally charged moving imagery to provoke thought, create change, and connect communities worldwide with cutting edge contemporary dance. chuthis. continuously strives to expand its community by offering diverse movement education programs and virtual experiences which foster technical and artistic development and explore mind/body familiarity, aiming to ignite an adventurous side of dance. Photo: Levi Walker.
Since 2019 CASC works as an agent and international strategist.

Metamorphosis Dance - Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich

Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich are founders and of the Metamorphosis dance project. Iratxe and Igor and have worked in over 30 countries in multiple fields such as choreographing, dancing, teaching, producing and generating art works in collaborations with media artists. They also created a universal language that ‘speaks’ to a large variety of cultures and audiences called “Metamorphosis Method”. Photo: Danilo Moroni.
In 2020 CASC provided advise on strategy and international engagement.

TILT - Julia Willms, Andrea Božić & Robert Pravda

TILT is an in-disciplinary platform founded by choreographer Andrea Božić, visual artist Julia Willms and sound artist Robert Pravda to inspire and produce artistic practice and thinking beyond disciplines. The three make in-disciplinary works that re-organize perception and are a mix of live performance, installation, visual and sound art collaborations with the weather. All individual projects are parts of larger constellations and a cosmology-in-the-making. Photo: Paul Beumer.
In 2019 CASC provided advise on long term strategy and engagement.

It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.
Scott Belsky

About us

Janine Dijkmeijer

Director, Founder

Janine’s inspiration is to challenge different art forms and to work across traditional boundaries. With her creative management skills she forms strategies for growing audiences, raising funds, and strengthening the quality of artistic development. Janine is known for building a strong network of partners across various disciplines. Janine is inspired by research and loves to co-create.

Since 2020 Janine works as Executive Creative Director for The New Zealand Dance Company. From 2014 to 2019 Janine was CEO/Managing Director of Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). Before she was business manager of Dutch National Ballet (HNB), Director and co-founder of Cinedans and managing director, co-founder of Nicole Beutler Projects.
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Lobke Nabuurs

Director, co-Founder

Lobke is intrigued by what art can accomplish in all it’s different forms for both audience and society. She seeks to help artists translate their ideas and concepts into a business strategy based on their artistic wishes.  With the stakeholders Lobke manages to have excellent communication and with this she builds sustainable relationships and collaborations.

Lobke works as business manager of RIDCC strategic developer relations at DansBrabant. From 2013 to 2019 she worked as Manager Planning, Media and Music at Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), where she developed an extensive network of national and international cultural programmers, choreographers, musicians and composers.
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Claudia Laenen

Associate Partner and co-Founder

Claudia is a strong believer in cooperation and collaboration looking to create value and synergy for all stakeholders involved. Her fascination lies around creating strategic and sustainable collaborations within the cultural sector connecting with what fits and is possible for the diverse stakeholders. Claudia is challenged by impossibilities which makes her reach unexpected goals.

Claudia works for Theater aan het Vrijthof and De Nederlandse Dansdagen. From 2014 to 2019 she was marketeer at Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) where she developed both marketing as well as digital strategies.
Photo: Michal Meszaros 
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Ilter Ibrahimof

Associate Partner

Ilter’s experience as both an agent/producer and presenter gives him a unique perspective on best practices for programming, audience development/engagement and project management/execution. Having worked as an entrepreneur, in both the for-profit and not-for-profit spheres, Ilter brings a wealth of pragmatic insight to his negotiating and consulting work and has a demonstrated ability to build mutually beneficial partnerships. Having founded two organizations, Ilter understands how a focus on granular detail and execution is linked to the success of big-picture ideas and events.

Ilter is the founder and artistic director of Fall for Dance North (FFDN) in Toronto. Previously, Ilter led his own touring agency Sunny Artist Management (2004-2020); co-founded Joyce Theater Productions (JTP) in New York City in partnership with The Joyce Theatre, acted as Artistic Advisor for Fall for Dance Festival at New York City Center, and curated for OFF the EDGE festival in Atlanta and FASS in Quebec.
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Juliette Brederode

Associate Partner

Juliette feels that in an increasingly interdisciplinary world creating sustainable succes is achieved by focus and definition of shared dreams, tangible goals and clear words. As a partner in that process she has experienced that success is achieved when those involved become part of the story and form lasting collaborations. Her sensitivity to, and curiosity for, different individuals, groups and stakeholders makes her strong partner in this process.

Juliette works as freelance communications professional. She started at publishing house VNU followed by consultant roles for a diverse range of clients at Hill & Knowlton and Bex Communicatie. While living in Hong Kong she collaborated on the launch of a gallery, organised an international event and started her own company. She is part-time student at Gerrit Rietveld Academy.
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